Alan Clarke

Web Development / Graphic Design / Branding



Video Production

Video and Audio Post Processing

Associated Graphics

Channel Promotion, Audience Analysis and Maintenance



Ms Office:

Corporate Documents and Cross Department Branding

Custom Excel

Ms Access Database Design

PowerPoint Presentation Designer


Why “scorpio952”?

Scorpio is my birth sign, and 952 is the last three numbers of my military service number.

Current Projects

Current Interests


Ultimate Football Trading

Concept: Rework an existing third-party website

I am very interested in the world of Football Trading, while not trading myself, the statistical analysis, design and management processes around the subject are fascinating.

Reworks of a current third-party website are an opportunity to delve into the subject and present my design skills and ideas. is a course website providing trading strategy videos, spreadsheets and other instructional documents.

My “rework” can be seen here:

This is a semi-indefinite spare-time project.

All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged.

Veronica Glover

Website, SEO and Promotion is a fundraising exercise for someone living with ALS / MND.

Each and every day since her diagnosis, Veronica has put on a brave face, accepting that it is what it is. We have had many messages saying they didn’t realise how sick Veronica is and that’s because she hides everything so well behind that smile, sense of humour, and determination to just carry on as best as possible.

Design Desk

Details soon.

Insomnia Football Trading

Details soon.

Insomnia Skylines

Details soon.

Insomnia Space Engine

Details soon.


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