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Does anyone else cringe at Christian word salad?

I mean the sort of mumbo jumbo where they go on… “God is the locus of all good, and in his all loving nature he bestows..”

It all just sounds like nonsense and how stupid sounding it all is. Like “all loving”? God is “perfect”?

See a cardiologist: “I feel it in my heart”

This plan isn’t going so well in the world: “God works through providence to make sure that we don’t fail.”

How can you even know this?: “Life, and all that exists is part of Gods master plan”

Babble: “Universal consciousness is what Jesus had. He came for all mankind and spoke of oneness”

Read 10 times and it still makes no sense: “Adam’s sin led to the fall of man. Mankind can only recover from it through the atonement God provided through Christ.”

What does this even mean?: “God created a void in your heart that only he can fill.”

Pure salad: “Jesus is love”

This one is first class salad: “God is unknowable, I can’t explain it, I just know it”

Message us with your Christian word salad examples!